How Mindspa Is Supporting Ukrainians’ Mental Health


Mindspa is one of the most popular mental health mobile apps in Ukraine. With over 100,000 Ukrainians users before the start of the war, we felt the moral obligation to do everything we could to support our users psychologically.

Here’s some of the most significant actions taken so far:

– The emotional scars caused by the war are going to last a long time. Therefore, we decided to help by making a therapeutic program to tackle PTSD free for all Ukrainians. In the first 24 hours, more than 1,000 people have requested access. Here’s the link to claim the therapeutic:

Children are the biggest victims of the war. It’s estimated that about 3,000,000 of them have been displaced, whether internally or abroad. We have decided to create a program specifically dedicated to Ukrainians parents to help them support their children emotionally. The program is being prepared by psychologists with experience in child trauma and it will be available by the end of April.

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– We borrowed the idea of a “suspended coffee” in Naples, where a cup of coffee is paid for in advance as an anonymous act of charity. So, we created a “suspended therapeutic” for users to buy a course to be passed on to someone else. We have already received hundreds of contributions, giving Ukrainians access to therapeutic resources completely for free. For anyone interested in donating:

– The disturbing images of atrocities coming from the conflict have shocked the world, and consequently, a lot of people are now dealing with strong anxiety. We have created a new in-depth therapeutic program to tackle this issue. The program is already accessible for Ukrainian users on our mobile app, and it will be available in English and other languages in the next few days.

– We have partnered with donation platform Altruisto. We offer a free access to our Mindspa therapeutic programs to anyone who donates to the Ukrainian cause. The campaign has reached nearly $5,000 in donations so far.

– Several employers from various countries have reached to us asking how to boost the mental wellbeing of their employees, and we have gladly provided digital resources to these companies. Ukrainian employers are receiving resources for free. Interested companies can contact us via the form at:

Apart from all the above, in the past few weeks our team of psychologists have also created a lot of new content for our users. We have published a series of articles on Mindspa, and sent users push notifications to remind them to take care of themselves, sharing tips on how to maintain calm despite the challenging times.

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